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How to play MKV files in VLC Player?

When you want to watch MKV videos on your PC, you will frequently find out that the system video player is not able to play the file. Therefore, many users prefer and opt for a free MKV player on the internet, instead of the PC's default media player. The VLC player, one of the most versatile and most complete free multimedia players, is very popular among its users due to its great compatibility with almost all video formats.

Does the VLC play all MKV files?

The VLC multimedia player not only plays MKV videos easily, but it can do many other things, such as format conversions and modifications to the multimedia structure.

At the same time some users end up having problems when trying to play MKV videos on the VLC player, the video may be cut, unstable and sometimes play without any audio. On top of that, some people claim in the player's forum that they can't even open certain MKV files in the VLC.

As stated earlier, the VLC player is one of the best free MKV file players, in fact, so far there is no other free player which is close to it in compatibility and features. Like all free software, MKV standard and VLC player have some disadvantages. The MKV is a format based on an open standard, and that is why it can contain many videos, audios and subtitles, as well as other functions, in a single file. Since all of these may be in various formats, encodings and versions, this may cause problems during file playback. Some people notice that certain MKV files run only on the VLC player, others run on the Media Player Classic, and some do not work on either the VLC or the Media Player Classic.

In case the VLC does not execute your MKV files, it is recommended to convert these files to another format compatible with your playback software. Although the MKV format is increasingly popular, it still presents incompatibilities with many media players. Other video formats, such as MP4 and AVI, have better compatibility than the MKV format with media players on different platforms.

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  Matroska Container Video File Format
Opens with
  VLC Player
  DivX Player
  Windows 10 Media Player

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